Task 1: Working out calculations Step 1: We need to work out the required concentration of the unknown HCl (Hydrochloric Acid). The values given to us are that we need 100ml of 0.05mol HCl. Step 2: Convert ml to dm^3 100ml = 0.1dm^3 Step 3: Using the fomula c = n/v   c=0.05/0.1 ∴ c = […]

Focusing on the title of the play, ‘The Crucible’ means a situation with severe trial which leads to a major change. In the play, many people from Salem are accused of being involved with witchcraft which led to a court case involving almost everyone. In the end, it changed the whole community of the town […]

Rebecca Nurse said ‘we should look to ourselves’ and ‘I do fear it’ as another character, Hale, is introduced. The first phrase suggests that the people should sort the situation out themselves rather than bringing in an external party as the phrase does say that the people of Salem should ‘look to themselves’. The ‘I […]

The play is set in Salem, Massachusetts. The town is very religious and the majority of people are Puritans (due to the time at which the play is set). In the events of Act One, the women of the town are reported to have danced in the forest with the black slave, Tituba by Parris […]

Love and hate are uncontrollable forces used in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ and Browning’s poems (The Laboratory-Ancien Régime, Soliloquy Of The Spanish Cloister and Porphyria’s Lover). These emotions are manipulated through the use of figurative and language devices. Love is the emotion used to describe a positive affection or attraction to something whereas hate is usually considered […]

Almost 8 years ago a journalist, John Humphrys, wrote a newspaper article ranting about our language changing due to technology. The headline of this piece was named ‘I h8 txt msgs’ and was meant to mock and criticise the manner in which people use language in text messages. But a lot has changed in 8 […]

Love and hate is presented in Julius Caesar through Brutus’ death in Act 5 Scene 5. In the scene, Antony says ‘this was the noblest Roman of them all’. The ‘Roman’ being Brutus, whom ran upon his sword. This shows love and hate because the whole war between Brutus and Mark Antony was due to […]

In all of the poems, love and hate is shown in different ways. In the ‘Soliloquy Of The Spanish Cloister’, the speaker says ‘Gr-r-r’ on the first line. This suggests that the speaker may be annoyed with someone or something. In the same stanza there are morbid thoughts as the speaker mentions killing someone. They […]

Capitalism. One of the social systems which contributed to the conflict during the Cold War. It allows people to privately own businesses, possessions and land. People living under a capitalist government have much more freedom as they have free speech and they are also allowed to vote. In the capitalist system, it has classes for […]

Morning of summer solstice. The sky stares at the ground with bright blue eyes, redwings sing songs in the trees and the breeze softly rustles the greenery. As the flowers, trees and bushes are gently awakened by the wind, a sweet aroma disperses into the air. In the distance, a steady rattle of wheels clattering […]